Voxel Monkees

Adam Grabowski (AKA ADAM APE)

Adam is a multi-disciplinary artist who has worked with media & tech brands for over 12 years.

Some work of his web2 work you might recognize:

Adam has also been creating and collecting work on both ETH and SOL since mid-2021, has been collected by DeeKay, and his Voxel Monkes collection is one of the highest grossing 1/1 projects on Solana.

Voxel Monkees

Random Character Collective

RCC is a group of the world's best animators, creators, and community managers.

Community leads: Ashh, coinbilly, Nelsg
Developer: mikker
Technical advisor: James Curran

Prev. launched projects: SlimHoods by James Curran,Moodverse by Lucas Zanotto, Invisible Friends by Markus Magnusson, 3D IF by Nguyen NHut