The OPTIONAL migration process here will be a bit atypical, due inscriptions that will happen on the Solana side.

The bridge will be done in TWO PARTS. The first part will involve sending your ETH NFTs to an IPG owned wallet for future burning, registering a SOL wallet, and receiving an allocation of WL tokens for the SOL mint.

Before you begin, you also need to understand that bridging will trigger a trait reroll. Everyone except 1/1 holders will be getting different art & traits. The SOL tokens you receive are unlikely to match your ETH counterparts.

We had to choose this path due to technical limitations of inscribing on SOL.

On the SOLANA side, your WL token(s) will grant you both a high-res animation stored in the cloud, AND a highly compressed gif, suitable for inscription.

Migrating will be free, except for the cost of inscribing, which will vary (0.3 - 0.6 SOL) depending on the animation and colors of the NFTs you receive.

If these terms are acceptable to you, please begin below:

  1. Connect your ETH wallet and your desired SOL wallet destination
  2. Initiate transfer. Your tokens will be sent to our bridge wallet for eventual burning.
  3. Upon successful transfer, your destination SOL address will be registered.
  4. At a later time, Solana WL tokens will be sent to your SOL destination address, which will enable you to mint + inscribe (both will be done via SolScribe)