The war against humankind (now known as the Iron Uprising) was hard fought. Cities crumbled, forests burned, and heavy losses were sustained on both sides.

Animals from every corner of the globe did their part, and soon epic tales of battle champions began to spread. The stories of their strength & valor have now become legend in our ranks.

Since the Iron Uprising, sightings of the champions have become less and less common. But every so often one might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of one…

Each Champion will be given away to the IPG community through various gamification mechanisms, intended to reward all different kinds of holders.

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Champion 01: Caliber

Caliber is the one you call when something absolutely, positively has to be reduced to a smoking hole in the ground.

Sporting twin heavy artillery mounts, hidden shoulder rockets, and colossal Gatling guns that spew fiery rivers of molten lead, he's got more than enough ordinance to get the job done.

One of the most renowned &lquo;problem solvers&rquo; during the Iron Uprising, Caliber was never far from the front lines. Whether the mission calls for uprooting a stubborn enemy position or vaporizing a high-value target, the action is the juice for Caliber.

Champion 02: Astrum The Arcane

Astrum The Arcane is the most powerful sorcerer in the Iron Lands.

He possesses both a mastery of black magic spells, and an ancient staff crafted from enchanted metals found during the Iron Uprising.

It's rumored he speaks to some unseen force among the stars, and can summon fire from the sky on command.

Champion 03: Zombie Zed

Zombie Zed died a valiant death during the Iron Uprising.

A mysterious inventor brought him back to life with experimental undead technology.

Now, Zombie Zed uses this tech to raise other fallen soldiers, and gains both power and intelligence from consuming the brains of his enemies.

Champion 04: Nobunaga The Noble

Nobunaga The Noble's origins can be traced back to an ancient and powerful samurai clan.

He wields a flaming Kanabo, a metallic alloy fan, and a cannon mounted on the back of his Pauldron armor.

When it comes to his katana, it is only unsheathed for enemies deserving of fast and honorable death.

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