Earth, 2290 AD. Animals have utilized technology to fast-forward their evolution, and are now the dominant creatures on the planet. But they no longer have to scratch for survival with tooth and claw; now they thunder into battle within giant, mechanical exosuits. In the new global order, rival factions vie for power. At the top of the pecking order sits the mighty IRON PAW GANG.

IRON PAW GANG is a narrative driven mech project that builds on the walk-cycle genre, by introducing swap-able driver PFPs, and generative soundscapes uniquely tailored to each mech animation.

Supply: 4k
Mint date: April 3rd, 5pm EST
Mint price: 0.15 ETH

01: Lore

Long ago, humans held their place at the top of the food chain. They considered themselves the supreme species on Earth, righteously subjugating all of nature for their own selfish needs. In their pride, the human race believed that nothing could dethrone their rule. But this hubris would blind them to a great existential threat, for lurking in the shadows, animals were studying the human race with envious eyes. The humans were smart. They walked upright. They had advanced technology and weapons. But the animals had learned much from their years of observation, and slowly began to formulate their plans.

Once they had acquired enough knowledge and insight from the humans, the animals decided to speed up their own evolution. Who needs the ability to walk upright when a giant, metallic beast can do it for you? One clear blue day the animals launched their all-out assault on humanity.

From land, sea, and air streamed the mechanical animal hordes. Humanity was caught completely unprepared. Some fought back, while others attempted to flee, but by the end of the day, the reign was over. As the smoke cleared over the charred landscape, a new problem dawned on the animals: who among them would now claim the throne?

Discussions led to quarrels, quarrels gave way to fights, and before long, an all-out civil war engulfed the already war-torn world. 3 distinct factions rose from the fractured alliance. These groups were split along the domains of land, sea, and air. The land-based Iron Paw Gang eventually prevailed, seizing the throne and establishing themselves as the dominant power in the new world. The two losing factions quietly limped away, disappearing to their remote areas and underwater caves. Many years of restless peace ensued, with no sign of either. But as time passed, whispers began to circulate of dark shapes under the waves, and rumors of unusual movements in the clouds…

02: Purebreds

When it comes to rarity, PUREBREDS are some of the most coveted. These are mechs that contain all components from a specific theme, and are the building blocks for the rest of the collection.
Each PUREBRED mech also has a unique driver counterpart. Holding both together unlocks a special animated environment.

The Baker

The post-apocalyptic landscape is hell for most, but this is where Wasteland thrives. He fashions weapons from the scraps of his defeated enemies, and drinks monkey wine from their skulls.

The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum is all about good times and good vibes. He hands out ice-cold beverages to the thirsty and lotion to the sunburned.

The Burglar

The Burglar will straight up steal anything that isn’t nailed down. The only thing he hasn’t been able to pilfer yet is a flashlight battery that freaking works.

Candy Man

Candy doesn’t taste as good when it’s being rapid-fired at your face at 500 MPH. The Candy Man’s territories are littered with the wreckages of fools who thought sh*t was sweet.

The Builder

He’s been “building” before building was even a thing.

Will Feral

Don’t let the toothy grin fool you - Will Feral has an extremely short temper. You would be too if you lived in the jungle, had only wild animals for friends, and were always itchy from flea bites.

The Gambler

The Gambler knows when to hold ‘em. He knows when to fold ‘em. Plus, he cheats like a motherf*cker.

The Grillmaster

If you have the privilege of being invited to one of The Grillmaster’s legendary backyard BBQs, make sure to pack an appetite. Just don’t ask him for anything green, unless it’s a bottle.

Mister Frosty

I scream, you scream, we all scream when Mister Frosty has us in his rocket-pop rocket launcher sights.


One man’s trash is another man’s mech. Rusty loves adding discarded parts to his build so much that sometimes he’ll snatch one before it’s even been discarded.

The Rover

Ever since The Rover returned from his trip to the moon, he can only speak in gibberish and obsessively pore over his blue rock collection.

Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve picks up a LOT of sh*t every day, so he’s not taking any sh*t from you. But if you feel like testing him, make sure to load up on antihistamines first.

Johnny Law

Johnny was the kid who always insisted that other kids follow the board game rules. Now he just locks those little anarchist hooligans up. Do not pass Go on your way to jail, punk.

Bonnie Rotten

Things Bonnie likes: punk rock, leather, graffiti, cans of Fudweiser, random shankings. Things Bonnie hates: law and order, authority figures, showers, peas.

The Racer

The Racer has a speed addiction. He likes fast lanes, fast food, fast talk, and fast women (like, literally fast). He listens to his podcasts at 2x speed, but only because they won’t let him go any faster.


Sawtooth got a really bad splinter as a youth and has had a vendetta against trees ever since. Needless to say, he and Chloro Phil don’t quite see eye to eye.


Before becoming the world’s deadliest assassin, Shinobi briefly considered a career at the IRS. While the idea of destroying lives appealed to him, in the end he figured it was easier to just shank folks instead.

The Fixer

Is part of your Mech broken? Does your kitchen need remodeling? Then we have just the handyman for you. Call now: 1-800-THE-FIXER.


At first glance, plaything might appear juvenile and harmless, until you realize his bubble gun is filled with acid…

The Conductor

“I like trains”


Blox may be built out of toy bricks, but he’s not all fun and games. Cross him, and you may find yourself bombarded by plastic missiles or KO’d from his powerful uppercut.

The Paver

When it comes to progress, this guy paves the way, both literally and figuratively. Just don’t stand in his way; you may find yourself smashed to pieces by his wrecking ball or flattened by his heavy treads.


The post-apocalyptic landscape is hell for most, but this is where Wasteland thrives. He fashions weapons from the scraps of his defeated enemies, and drinks monkey wine from their skull.


Lizard carries a reputation of being a cold-blooded killer. No sh*t, he’s a f*cking reptile.


Joystick is super deep into an immersive VR game. It’s so realistic, he’s starting to wonder if his own life is also just a simulation...

The Shocker

No, not that kind of shocker. This sparky fella can channel the incredible power of lightning storms to fry you to a crisp. Not super fun, but the silver lining is that he will also recharge your mech’s battery for free.

The Knight

The Knight is duty-bound to protect the realm. He will duel to the death over the slightest insult to his honor. Basically, he really likes to throw down.


Pyro always liked to play with matches as a kid. They say ‘choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.’

Jack Hammer

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Commando Joe

Commando Joe’s fruit-based weapons are as lethal as they are chock-full of vitamins. Firing his bananamatic-47 has the added bonus of laying down a trail of slick banana peels, a slippery hazard for anyone on his tail.

Burger Boy

There is a 99.9% chance of Burger Boy screaming’ DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT??!’ as he knocks you off your feet with a blast of cold strawberry shake or blows you up with a hot dog rocket. Yeah, he hates his job.

The Gunslinger

Only the most foolhardy would dare to challenge the Gunslinger to a duel. The speed of his draw is so unmatched, that he considers using real bullets unsportsmanlike. Instead, he prefers to lasso opponents after firing a blank, just for the purpose of utter humiliation.


With frigid winds whipping by as he glides across the snow-covered landscape, Shiver can barely feel his extremities. Luckily his thumbs still work well enough to work the freeze-ray button.


From the shadows, this Illuminati Purebred influences outcomes, pulling strings you never realized existed. It is said once you are under its influence, there is no escaping its control.


Picasso once said ‘Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.’ Wrecker doesn’t care about that first part. He just wants an excuse to crush things.

Chloro Phil

A little water, a little sunlight, and a little love are all that Chloro Phil needs in life. Well, maybe a little “fertilizer” for special occasions.


Being a glowing, radioactive freak has its perks. You don’t need a night light, folks give you plenty of space, and anything you touch instantly dies or becomes horribly mutated. Spread the love.

Damon Headstone

Damon Headstone works in the most famous cemetery. Every night grave robbers come to steal famous peoples jewelry. Damon walks the cemetery at night making sure to scare off all the robbers.

Dick Heisman

Dick is like that kid in gym class who was good at everything, and always got picked first. Rumour has it, he’s never lost a match, ever.

Colonel Laser

Colonel Laser’s laser-propelled laser mech uses a laser generator to power the laser-guided laser guns. Yes, the Colonel likes lasers.

Lucious Steele

This retro-futuristic gentleman is both an inventor and an assassin. The secret to his genius: purple steam.